Visa requirements for tourists:
1. Application form
2. 1 pc. Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (6 mos. valid)
4. Copy of passport first page
5. Original & copy of valid visa and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the 5 years
6. Birth Certificate NSO
7. Employment certificate (original) (indicate compensation and tenures)
8. Personal Bank Certificate (original) (indicate opening date, average daily balance, type of account)
9. Personal bank statement (original)
10. ITR (Income Tax Return) or form 2316 Copy
11. *if personally invited by Korean:
Invitation Letter & Copy of Invitor’s Passport
*If invited by Company in Korea:
Invitation & Copy of Korean Company Business Permit

Additional if businessmen or in business trip:
*Business Registration form from SEC or DTI (photocopy)
*Business permit of Mayor’s permit (photocopy)
*Personal Bank Certificate (original)
*Personal Bank Statement (original)
*Recent Income Tax Return (photocopy)
*If invited to Korea: Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original) and 1st page ofinvitors passport (photocopy)
*Business registration from Korea and business permit

Additional if you are a doctor:

Additional if you are a student:
*School Certification (original)
*School I.D (photocopy)
*Bank Certification and statement (of applicant or applicants parents, original)
*Birth Certificate (if submitting parents documents, photocopy)

Additional if you are a religious worker:
*Certification from the Church or Congregation (original)
*Invitation Letter from Korea (original)
*Personal Bank Certification (original)

Additional if you are a foreign national:
*Employment Certification (original) or Business Registration from SEC or DTI (photocopy) and or Business or Mayor’s permit (photocopy)
*Personal Bank Certification and statement (original)
*ACR / ICR (photocopy)
*Re-entry permit
*If invited to Korea: Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original) and 1st page of invitor’s passport (photocopy)

For minors traveling with parents or guardians:
*Birth Certificate of minor (photocopy)
*Photocopies of all documents of the accompanying parents or guardian

Note: BPI Gold and Platinum cardholders who can submit BPI Credit card account statement are exempted from submitting Bank Certificate and ITR.

Important Note:
*Starting onMarch 26, 2018 (MONDAY) ALL APPLICANTS should submit 2316 form if employed with corresponding COMPANY ALPHA LIST (Form 1604 CF with BIR Received Stamp) highlight your name in the company alpha list.
*ALL SELF EMPLOYED should submit BIR Form with corresponding payment receipt from BIR Authorized Bank.
*Without these corresponding requirements, the Embassy of Korea will refuse your Visa Application.



Korean Visa Assistance

Service Fee: ₱2,000.00 / Passenger
Processing Time: 20-30 working days

The above quote rate is subject to change without prior notice.


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